Different Opinions

People always have different opinions, for example people believe nuclear is bad , yet I believe that nuclear is good and is one of the most reliable powers

Another example is in these few websites


This website believes that nuclear is bad for the environment, it has good point but I would still disagree with it. I would disagree with this because, if you go to my twitter account @cw_nuclear it shows all the facts and websites that prove nuclear power is GOOD for the environment. Also it is not  bad for the nation. Sure it is a lot of money but, it is worth it because if we made a bunch of solar panel,wind mill and hydro powers, it would be way over what nuclear costs. Also if the nation bought only the cheap coal, the burnt coal would infect the air.


This website is talking about nuclear power, and what it does good for the environment. I agree with this website and I hope you do too! If you agree or dis agree please comment on what you think about nuclear power.


I Posted on the Blog Called “Nuclear Power Is Expensive and Bad for the Environment … It’s Being Pushed Because It Is Good For Making Bombs”

I disagreed with this website because the facts I already know, I am not sure about the bomb making but I know that nuclear power is environmental and that from a web address http://nuclearpowerjedis.weebly.com/nuclear-power-facts.html it said that it is cheap. Please check out this web address


I posted there

The Ten Main Things in My Topic

There are ten things I always focus on while researching on my topic “Nuclear Power”
so I know a little bit of an idea on what I should search.

1. Nuclear Power doesn’t make a lot of waste like coal does, but the waste nuclear power makes can last us to 100+ years.

2. Most people dislike nuclear  power because of the disasters it can create, but did you know that some nuclear power plants can stand out earthquakes if they are, a) protected properly b) working properly.

3. Wind and solar can only work if there is wind or sun.  Yet nuclear power can be used most of the time due to earths rare resources and having to clean the waste which the nuclear power plant will be cleaned every 12 months

4.Nuclear power is radioactive

5. A nuclear power plant is still leaking since Japan earthquake

6. Coal makes 40.8% of the power in the world, Gas makes 21.3%, Hydro makes 16.2%, Nuclear makes 13.4%, Oil makes 5.5% and Other makes 2.8%.

7. Coal kills one person every hour, I believe that this fact I found is a terrible. Sure Nuclear can kill, but only when blown up which is rare.

8. Nuclear energy comes from uranium, a nonrenewable resource that must be mined. Then I think , what would we use if all of the uranium is mined?

9. Nuclear is Eco friendly (when not blown up)

10. Around 30 different countries have operational nuclear reactors. I think that this is a good number of nuclear power plants, I would maybe bring it up by 40 but 30 is an OK number.

These facts help me think more about what other people think about nuclear power.  This also helps me search up things and teaches me things! What are some things that can help you

YouTube Video

Hello, today I was search up some nuclear power videos to help me understand more about nuclear power, and I found a perfect video that answered one of my questions. “How Nuclear Power Plants Work/Nuclear Energy (Animation)” was the YouTube video. Now I understand how the Nuclear Power Plant works. Before I thought the towers (The building that has smoke coming out of the top) was the nuclear power, but it is cooling towers.

This video is well explained and shows pictures to guide you to understand more about how a nuclear power plant works. Please, feel free to comment about what you thought about the video 🙂

Wait, What if There was No Nuclear Energy???

I was just wondering last night; if there was no nuclear energy what would we use? There’s the options coal, oil, hydro, natural gas, wind and solar to use. Well most people I think would most likely choose quickly coal because it’s cheap. I would choose wind energy to use. I would choose wind energy over the other options because coal makes too much pollution, oil makes oil spills that infect water and animals, natural gas makes water pollution, hydro is too expensive and solar needs access to the sunlight at all times. Wind is unpredictable, and kills birds and bats, but I have an idea on who to make wind power work better. If people put up wind mills, they should put more money into the building of it and make it into a strong and protected wall with mills everywhere. Also, so the birds and bats don’t get killed, put a big fence around all the mills. But we can’t just rely on wind mills, so I would also pick hydro. I would also pick hydro because it is a greener way to make energy and is safe.

What would you pick? Do you agree with me or not? And if not why?

How Nuclear Power Can Stop Global Warming? (Article)

I just read an article online about nuclear power; the title was “How Nuclear Power Can Stop Global Warming”. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-nuclear-power-can-stop-global-warming/

Do you believe it? I do because the text convinced me to believe that nuclear power can stop global warming. Hansen is former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. On December 3 Hansen told a bunch of reporters “We can’t burn all these fossil fuels,” “Coal is almost half the [global] emissions. If you replace these power plants with modern, safe, nuclear evidence that he has shown….  “Indeed, he has evidence: the speediest drop in greenhouse gas pollution on record occurred in France in the 1970s and ‘80s, when that country transitioned from burning fossil fuels to nuclear fission for electricity, lowering its greenhouse emissions by roughly 2 percent per year. The world needs to drop its global warming pollution by 6 percent annually to avoid dangerous climate changes  in the estimation of Hansen” said the text in the forth paragraph. And at the end of paragraph four it says “The only problem: the world is not building so many nuclear reactors” .

Do you believe this evidence? Why and why not?

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I am a student studying nuclear power. I wanted to study nuclear power because I have been interested on how people can’t decide if coal, gas, hydro, oil, wind, water, solar or nuclear power is the right power to use for daily uses. All the powers have pros and cons, but I believe that we should use nuclear power. I know that most people would have chosen Eco friendly powers (water, wind and solar power) because it helps our environment, but did you know that the solar power can’t provide energy for house in one panel for everyday use and nuclear can power up a whole town. When I started to study nuclear power have learned that coal creates 18,000,000 cans of waste per year, while nuclear only creates one can of waste per year. I would like to learn more about how nuclear power is created and how created nuclear power. What’s your opinion? What do you think is the power you would choice and why? I would love to see your ideas on these types of energies.